Disgraced, Ousted Petro-Valve President Marek Menger Hires Another Lawyer for Divorce Case

Houston, TX

After a string of attorneys working on the same case, Marek Menger has hired yet another divorce attorney, Mary Van Orman, to take his side in his divorce case against soon-to-be ex-wife, Sherry Menger.

Multiple Attorneys for the Menger Divorce

The ousted former Petro-Valve President, Marek Menger, is developing something of a revolving door reputation regarding attorneys related to this divorce case. For one reason or another, Menger cannot seem to stick with a single attorney. One attorney who was previously working for Menger is still hoping to collect outstanding attorney’s fees and he recently fired two other attorneys – Michael Bynane and Carlos Ryerson — right in the courtroom. According to Emmy Award winning journalist, Wayne Dolcefino, Bynane and Ryerson both have “colorful pasts” which you can learn more about here.

The negative online reviews about his new attorney, Mary Van Orman, include overbilling, unpreparedness, high paralegal turnover, and absences from courtroom hearings. Those reviews, if accurate, combined with Menger’s history with lawyers, indicate the revolving door may keep turning.

Dolcefino has been closely following the Menger divorce case as he investigates it and other high stakes, big money divorce cases. For more information, follow the Dolcefino.com blog.

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